Summer-Blooming Bulbs & Packaged Perennials

Grey skies and cold weather got you down? Are you wistful for the bounty and beauty of spring and summer? If the answer to either of those questions is 'yes,' come visit us at the Garden Center because we've got the stuff gardeners' dreams are made of! Our extensive collection of Summer-blooming bulbs and packaged perennials has arrived, and selection is at its absolute best right now. These showy beauties - including Dahlias, Gladiolas and Lilies - should be planted in the next two months for gorgeous summer blooms. Other fun and colorful summer-blooming bulb choices include Callas, Cannas, Freesia, and Ranunculus, as well as Tuberous Begonias, which are due in early February. Now is also a great time to buy certain perennials in packaged bareroot form, at almost half the cost of their containerized counterparts later in the year. These include Astilbes, Bleeding Hearts, Clematis, Hostas, Peonies (herbaceous and tree types), and Japanese Iris. The best part? All of these summer-blooming bulbs and perennials do well in our mild-winter area - no digging up, chilling or replanting is necessary. Provided with decently-draining soil, regular water, occasional fertilizer, and (of course!) gopher protection, they should reappear reliably for years.

2014 Bareroot Fruit Tree Season

Bareroot Fruit Trees are set to appear in our sand beds here at the Garden Center in the first week of January, and what better way to get off to a healthy start in the new year than to create - or add to - a backyard orchard! Bareroot season is the best time to get a larger-size tree at a smaller-size price, and we proudly offer the most extensive selection on the Central Coast. If you'd like to peruse a list of the varieties we'll be offering this year, check out our 2014 Bareroot Fruit Tree List, and for detailed descriptions of each variety, take a gander at our
2014 Bareroot Fruit Tree Descriptions. Please be aware that while we are anticipating getting everything that's on the availability list, there are sometimes changes to the order once the shipment arrives.
Once you've made your choices, don't forget to protect their fruit-bearing future by planting them in a tree-size gopher basket. We've also got helpful information sheets on General Bareroot Planting and Basic Bareroot Pruning, and fruit-specific information sheets are available upon request here at the Garden Center. Best wishes for health and happiness in 2014!

Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Are you in search of a great gift for a gardener in your life? Or are you a gardener yourself and hoping to drop some hints to a gift-giver, say by just 'happening' to leave this web page open for them to find? Either way, we've got some gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on a gardener's face and an itch in their trowel hand.

Songbirds and hummingbirds are certainly enjoyable and entertaining companions in the garden. But did you know that sometimes they can be even downright helpful? They have been known to pick aphids and other pests off of plants as a tasty treat. Encourage their presence in your backyard by putting out feeders and bird baths. Then sit back and enjoy the show!
You certainly don't have to be a gardener to enjoy Bonny Doon Farm's line of high-quality skin-care products, which come in three invigorating scents: lavender, rose geranium and lemon verbena. Choose from English-style soap (handmade in small batches), moisturizing body lotion (no oily or sticky residue!), or classic gardener's salve (for soothing dry hands, elbows, etc.).
Tub Trugs and Tuff Totes are still relatively new to the world of gardening, but they certainly wasted no time in becoming indispensible throughout the home and garden. Whether they're collecting your weeds and trimmings for easy transport to the GreenWaste bin, or carrying smaller amounts of soil amendment and mulch around the yard as you plant, they get a regular workout in our gardens. We've even heard of people mixing up cement in theirs! They're also great for gatherings: fill them with ice and your favorite beverages. Or bring them inside to help tidy up kids' toys. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and fun colors. What's not to love?
Hand pruners are a gardener's best friend, and a pair of high-quality Felco pruners can make routine garden chores such as deadheading and trimming almost a pleasure. (Well, we did say 'almost'...!) A major bonus: we carry replacement Felco blades and springs for all models, so your pruners can stick with you for many seasons to come. And as for those larger branches that pruners can't handle, a Felco folding hand saw can quickly and easily cut them down to size.
Wind chimes, statuary, and metal garden art also make fun gifts for gardening enthusiasts. Considered 'luxury' items, they are something that gardeners wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves, but secretly wish for and end up really enjoying. And sometimes, the perfect gift is to let the recipient pick out the perfect gift for themselves. Gift cards are always available in the amount of your choice. Happy Holidays from all of us here at the Garden Center at ProBuild!